Our Message to the World

I’ve been on so many fashion adventures and discovery journeys and it took me some time to get here, and I am proud to share my story. I am here. As present and conscious as I can be. Woke AF. I see so much intelligence around me and we deserve the best. Funny. The best is always the most natural product- how did we get to a place where we engineer fabrics, dye it with poisonous chemicals and preach we love fast fashion. I am so proud people are waking up.

I am all for ecological. I am all for sustainable. But. What about organic? Sustainable doesn’t always mean it’s good for you. I feel I am on a mission to educate people. Drop me a line if you ever feel like discussing the matter. We’ve gone so far away from what is healthy and what is good for us- pure and natural fabrics is the new luxury. And it shouldn’t be. There is another mission I am on as well. Making the new luxuries affordable- we are cutting out the retailers and delivering the finest garments straight to the consumer. We are starting off very slowly so we can ensure the mastery, we will be uploading new designs every month.

Good Taste Citizen will start off with the finest Lithuanian linen fabrics, not yet organic ( as it takes 7 years to get the certificates ) however certified by OEKO-Tex which means there were no dangerous chemicals used in dying the fabric. The Northerners are getting it right, ah.