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My journey to a sustainable life has been quite easy up to now and I would love to share a few tips and life hacks so you know what’s useful. 
Life Hack #1. Always always always look for 100% linen cloth/ fabric/ clothing. Linen products are never cheap but still very affordable however if you feel it is a little too affordable- do check the care label, it almost everytime is mixed with cotton. Why that is not great cause than the linen and cotton mix fabric is not as durable. 100% linen fabric is known for it’s durability, for qualities to cool you down in hot weather, and has warming qualities when cold- all that is lost when it’s been mixed with other fibers. 100% linen garments, bedsheets, home accessories are meant to last a lifetime.
Life Hack #2. 100% white linen fabric/ products become whiter every time you wash it. So there is no need to wash it at 90C degrees or use heavy detergents.
A funny example. I bought a linen dress during the summer I spent in the South of France. The dress was white and decorated with white ( what it appeared at the time to be linen ) lace. It’s been maybe 12-13 years since and now it’s clear the dress is 100% linen cause it’s crispy white and the lace was cotton as it became yellow-ish.
Life Hack #3. Best care for linen is to handwash it with olive oil soap or otherwise called Castile soap. If you absolutely do not want to handwash - use the softest washing machine programme and I like to grade Castile soap with a cheese grader ( I know I know funny ) and add it to the washing machine’s drum with the clothes. If you want your clothes to last- do not use heavy detergents. Not only it is breaking the structure of the fabric, it’s not very healthy for us a d the environment. 
Life Hack #4. Just an advice. Read the back label of the Castile soap, there should be max 3-4 ingredients. I went to a local supermarket a few days ago and the were 14 ingredients which means it’s all chemicals which is not a great solution for us. 
I found a great recipe for olive oil soap and I will make it myself and share it here on the Journal.
Life Hack #5. After you iron you garments/ products- spray it with simple water. Not only will it give extra softness but will flatten all the wrinkles you weren’t able to iron.

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